Dubai metro project

Fiber Optic Solutions

Teklink communication is specialist for provides technical fiber optic services with complete solutions including site surveys of civil infrastructures ,vertical survey of multistory buildings, via ducts systems  , custom fabricated materials and stocks thousands of products for installation.

With years of experience in fiber optics specialist team comprising professional engineers and technicians are producing high quality results in fiber optics installation, testing /commissioning

For installation Teklink communication engineers/supervisors /tech are well equipped with Variety of latest equipment of FUJIKURA and EXFO, JDSU

Teklink communication has specialized in fiber optics maintenance having hand on 48 KM Fiber optics DUBAI METRO Red Line and DUBAI Al Sufouh Tram Project

Teklink communications has also specialist in ribbon fiber optics splicing/testing commissioning

Teklink communication provides all variety of fiber optics materials and accessories including fiber optics cables. Panels Racks, connectors, pigtails, patch cords

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CCTV  & Security Systems

Teklink communication is at the forefront of surveillance and monitoring technology and is proud to launch more high-tech solutions including wireless connectivity, professional quality CCTV cameras with infrared night vision, digital video recording with motion detection and networkability, web surveillance and remote notification. The Teklink communication range is designed with installation for security solution to suit any home or business and budget.

The philosophy of Teklink communications, with the flexibility to rapidly move CCTV systems from the drawing board      to a physical product, to meet the demands of customers

CCTV surveillance systems are now widely used. People are using closed circuit systems with remote viewing to detect crimes of burglary break-ins of residential and commercial property.

CCTV can also be used to monitor employees and increase production. One of the best ways is to install an indoor/outdoor surveillance system

Teklink communications provides the best installation of CCTV system through its professional team of engineers and technicians

Access Control

Today, s world is accelerating at an ever increasing rate. Organization in every industry and around the globe are facing an evolving identity management  challenge and traditional credentials can no longer keep up .security minded leaders are turnings to biometrics base identity solutions to solve critical  identify challenges


Teklink communications is well versed in providing access control systems that go far beyond simple door-access. Our complete capabilities in this area can be fully integrated with building automation and IT asset protection solutions that secure your business, protect the people in it and safeguard the valuables it holds.

  • Installation capabilities for card readers, door access, elevator access and biometric readers
  • Smooth integration with existing networks
  • Remote manageability via web browser
  • User defined system responses and alarms and complete access management for maximum security

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Data network Solutions

Enhance your company’s data network fast, secure and use only best-in-class hardware for unparalleled connectivity to all of your critical data.

Data, Voice and video networks are the life blood of any organization. We believe a network is only as good as the infrastructure it’s built on whether you are building, relocating or upgrading; structured cabling is the function of the growth of your company .We can provide the latest system to address the changing needs of your networks system

The purpose of this standard is to specify a generic telecommunications cabling system that can support a multi-product, multi-vendor environment

Structured Cabling

We do the design of Voice and Data cabling solutions as per EIA TIA standards using a combination of cat-5e, cat-6 and cat-6a copper and indoor/outdoor fiber. Our experienced engineers& technicians are producing high quality installation / testing commissioning   with stranded test equipment’s using Fluke DX5000 Cable Analyzer, EXFO OTDR etc.




Today, most of the companies have mobile computing devices like Laptops, PDU’s, Cell phones etc, which are Wi-Fi enabled. We can provide both in-door and campus wide Wi-Fi network with firewall controls which are managed and meshed appropriately to prevent connection losses.
 Datacenter solutions
We provide comprehensive solutions for Data Center comprising of Design of the Network, Topologies, Drawings, racks, cabling components copper and fiber, racks, PDUs, Switches, Remote Power Managers etc.

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Public Address System

Public address system consist of microphone, speakers, amplifiers and it facilitate the person/recorded medium will address to larger public /area ,like announcements of movements at large area of Airports ,rail. Bus

Public address system is required to make announcement in public, Institutional and commercial buildings


  • Site Survey
  • Turnkey solution including the cabling and hardware.
  • Design and Implementation of Public Address System.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.

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TEK LINK COMMUNICATION is a fast growing telecom company that founded to meet the market needs of the professional telecom services. The company is involved in the telecom turnkey projects that providing an integrated solutions to suit all Wire–Line and Wireless applications.TEK LINK COMMUNICATION has the advantage of having the number of associates from the fields of Wired and Wireless Network Systems, Security Systems and Fiber Optic Technology Sectors.TEK LINK COMMUNICATION is managed by a skilled and devoted managers, engineers and technicians who have attained specialization in their respective fields through a long work experiences in multidimensional industries.

TEK LINK COMMUNICATION‘s unique and customized services allow our clients to leverage everything we know and enter into a proactive relationship and service offering. We deliver the highest degree of value and the most efficient use of our system and people.

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