How To Write An Essay About My Dream Job

My Dream Job

“I love talking about my dream job whenever my teacher asks me about it in class” Wow, that’s great! But, have you done a writing assignment about the topic? “I did, but my teacher told me that my ideas were not well-organized” Well, I advise you to get to the bottom of what went wrong by following reliable tips. Writing styles might look varied; however, their organizational scheme is more or less the same. The triadic configuration of an essay encompasses an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Yet, not any written paragraph can fit in one of these parts. An introduction should look like one, and the same holds for the other parts of your writing. Let’s look at the following example of an introduction:


Example: introduction

We study to get a job to make a career in order to make both ends meet and thrive professionally and personally. As a matter of fact, the actual world has offered countless job opportunities thanks to the thriving technological innovations and to the growing human needs such as life coaching, furniture testing, and cryptocurrency mining. Jobs are in increase everyday to keep up with the modern life necessities. But, doing a certain job does not always mean that we are in love with it.

The introduction at hand lacks something important which, as you might know, is the thesis statement. It could be simply formulated in the following terms:

Example: thesis statement

Personally, I see my dream job as one that takes me to a paradisiac world that does not encompass any of the classical workplace obstacles relating to health, communication problems, and payment issues.

Naturally, a main body is expected to immediately follow the introduction. Now,  let’s take a retrospective look at what we have written in the introduction, particularly, at the thesis statement. In this case, it revolves around three aspects: health, communication problems, and payment issues. The very elements have to start taking shape in the body; each in one paragraph. Have a look at the three following paragraph examples:

Example: 1st paragraph

My ideal job should be stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. Unlike the ordinary jobs, it has to be done in a comfortable space containing furniture and gadgets that render work pleasant and healthy. That is to say, at the end of the day, I should not spend my income on massage therapy because of my work side effects. You wouldn’t like to be trapped in that vicious cyrcle. Hence, working in a calm space, with background music suitable for the type of work being done would be an optimal solution to be more productive and dynamic. Besides, it would be great to sit on a smart 3D massage chair and to have at my disposal treadmill desks so that I get the possibility of walking while working. Mental and physical health are my number one concern. They should be a priority in my dream workplace.

Example: 2nd paragraph

In an ideal context, communication problems can’t be present. As it might be naturally expected, work is not void of some communication issues either between colleagues or external partners whether in face-to-face or in indirect situations. However, a perfect job would epitomize the flexibility of interaction through the use of up-to-date softwares to facilitate the connection between colleagues, customers, clients, and partners. It wouldn’t be that perfect if it does not assure the unity of the whole working team. As such, problems such as “sorry, I did not receive the file”, or “I tried to reach you, but…” could be avoided.

Example: 3rd paragraph

If I am to imagine the best job I would like to undertake, I would definitely think about it in terms of financial gain as well. In fact, it has to be financially rewarding, in the sense that it has to guarantee a suitable living standard. A monthly payment is not enough; regular bonuses and rewards have to be part and parcel of the job, they are just a way to compensate workers after having accomplished their work as required. Added to that, I think that the idea of “the employee of the month” is an excellent one. It would give credit to the employees that have achieved excellent performance during the month of work. It helps lift up the workers’ spirits and boost their proficiency. One employee has to receive a special compensation every month.

As alluded to above, to maintain structural and organizational unity, you may want to look backwards while your writing is going forward. In other words, if you feel lost, you might want to stop for a little while to collect your thoughts through looking back at the main elements of your thesis.

A conclusion is the last part of your written piece. While you are thinking about what to write in that part, try to skim the body and introduction sections so that you sum up all the ideas correspondingly. An appropriate conclusion to an essay about your dream job may be worded in this fashion:

Example: conclusion

To put it simply, an ideal job, in my view, has to observe all three aspects previously described. Thus, it has to care for the employees’ health, workplace interaction and cooperation, as well as financial gains. With that said, it should be admitted that if today’s jobs take into consideration such essential factors and invest in them, excellence, expansion, and increase would be the ultimate results.

To complete the picture, I should mention, in passing, that you should pay attention to your grammar, vocabulary, and format when you are putting the finishing touches on. Connecting your ideas and sections through smooth transition would make your writing look balanced and homogeneous. It is advisable that you keep it orderly and error free. And, please be mindful that your teacher might not care as much about your dream job as they do about the way you write about it. Now, you can safely start writing about your ideal job following the suggested structure and rules, as I am sure that your essay would turn out to be as impressive and excellent as a masterpiece.

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